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Posted on: 30th September 2013

We’ve only got one guest in the guest house tonight – things are definitely quietening down. However, the café has been pretty busy this week. We’ve sold a lot of soup. And strudel. And yodel plates. And cherry cake. And … but, really, a lot of soup.

Soup, 26-30 September ’13

It’s been that kind of weather. Every single day this week, we’ve looked out in the morning, and said “we won’t put the cushions outside today, nobody will sit outside”. Every single day, we’ve been proven wrong. Even though one couple had to put their umbrella up over their coffee. “Brits are mad”, you heard it from Sabine first.


4 September ’13, 26 September ’13

When it’s wet, people ask worriedly if they’re allowed to bring their dog in. Yes, we do allow dogs in the café, wet or dry, as long as they don’t come in the kitchen. Most of them have hiked round half of St Mary’s and don’t look like they want to go anywhere.

Ann and Kim and their dog stayed in the Guest House

It’s not just the dogs. People worry about their muddy boots as well. Don’t worry! We are a Country Guest House. Just to prove it, we had this little marauder trying to invade the kitchen. He got about a foot in before I rescued him. I thought he’d be happier in the hedge outside.

25 September ’13.

A day or so ago (half a dozen strudels ago, anyway), we were home to the invention of the Scilly Transport of the future. I’m looking forward to seeing full-scale versions of this strudel-powered vehicle trundling the islands roads over the next few years, playing dodgems with the golf buggies and the bicycles. The lego is available to Guesthouse guests during breakfast, and then to anyone of any age during café hours: 11-5 every day. You don’t have to buy anything (but the smells of cooking soup and strudel may be a kind of slow torture if you don’t).

I’d like to say that this was inspired by our strudel, but it was actually designed while I was preparing their soup and strudel meal.

Oh yes, and we celebrated a ninety-seventh birthday.

Happy birthday!